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Are Long Distance Relationships Really That Effective?

Long distance relationships have this belief that they don’t really work out in the end, attached to them.  But that is not true, people living thousands of miles apart have been able to maintain an amazing relationship with some even leading to marriage.

Some people, however, doubt the fidelity of people in long distance relationships, and that is another myth as well.  People can and have stayed faithful even with their partners living far from them.

People who have not even met physically have maintained and remained faithful in long distance relationships with people they have met online.

Just because your partner does not live close to you does not mean that your relationship will not work out.  Yes, long-distance relationships have a lot of obstacles; it requires patience and faith that things would work out in the end.

Do not listen to the negative things people will have to tell you about long distance relationships, if your partner lives miles away, don’t let anyone plant seeds of doubts in your mind.

Keep your trust in your partner and yourself, know that a relationship is only as good as the people involved whether they live in the same house or on different continents.

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