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Signs That He Is Ignoring You

Usually, when someone is ignoring you, it is pretty obvious. However, what if he calls every now and then and takes you out but not just often as you would like? Or maybe you can also attest to the fact that his job really keeps him busy but you are not sure if he is really as busy as he claims.

The following red flags will put your mind to rest once and for all.

1. He never initiates a date/call

When you invite him out or call him he agrees/picks up but he never takes the first step then I think he is wasting your time.

2. He always makes excuses

You two may have made plans but there is always one excuse after the other. At times, the excuse may sound legit but just how many times can one person be so occupied?

3. He is evasive

When you ask him what he has been up to or where he has been hiding, he may dodge with another question or just smartly circumvent. Girl, you need to get blatant so you don’t waste your time.

4. He calls you only when he needs something

A guy that calls you only at night or for a late date is after booty calls. He may even try to act smart by ‘accidentally’ bringing up what he needs help with during a date. Watch out if this becomes a pattern.

5. He never calls back

Missing your calls is no big deal but never returning them sure means he is stringing you along.

6. He ignores you in public

This has to be the last straw. If you run into him somewhere and he acts like he didn’t see you or says hi to you but doesn’t attempt to hang around you my dear, he is not worth the waste of your time.

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