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Signs You Should Never Let Him Go


Relationships are one of our major life goals. In the end, we need someone we can trust, who makes us feel loved and appreciated. That’s what we look for in anyone we get to know at various stages, but when it comes to our significant other, it’s so difficult to find a partner that you can really share your life with. Most of the time, selfishness prevails, even unconsciously. That’s why, when you find a guy who loves you and everything that you are, you should never let him go. But how can you be sure he’s Mr. Right?

The Passion Never Ends

Passion is not just about memorable moments in bed. It’s about looking at each other and understanding what you’re both thinking because you’re compatible on a physical, emotional, and mental level. If you’re so fond of each other that you look forward to passing most of your time together, it’s a sign that he could be the man of your dreams. In fact, when the chemistry is so strong that the rest of the world stops mattering when you are together, you’re in a very special relationship. When you have such a connection, doing little things together makes you feel so happy that everybody around will notice.

He Loves You For Who You Are

Most of the time you feel like a disaster because you’re messy and noisy, but he fondly calls you “his hurricane” and he couldn’t be prouder of you. When you secretly find him bragging about you to his friends, telling them you’re a force of nature, that’s a sign. He accepts you for what you really are, and he can see the good in you when you can’t find it yourself! When he loves you for who you are, don’t let him go, because he’s truly accepting you for what you are. And that must be true love.

All You Want Is To Come Home To Him

When you’re having a bad day and you look forward to coming home to see him again and to get a big embrace, guess what? It means you really trust him and that you seek comfort because he’s the only one who can really make you feel good. When you both feel such a deep level of connection, it’s because you communicate in the same way and you’re empathetic with each other. These feelings are so special that you can experience them only a few times in life, and during those times you should jealously keep that special relationship.

You Don’t Need Makeup

Do you know your morning face? If everyday when you both wakeup, he softly brushes your face even if you’re not wearing makeup is not there, it’s a good sign! A man that likes you when you’re wearing your extra large pajama as well as when you’re a made-up disco girl is worth waiting for. Because who else would think you’re lovely and cool when you’re cleaning your apartment in your stained sweatpants and unbrushed teeth? To Mr. Right, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl in the room.

He Hears You When You Speak

Finding a person who can thoroughly hear what you’re saying and is genuinely interested in it is such a blessing. The gift of listening is one of the most underrated features in people, but the truth is, it changes everything. The moment you talk to your man and you feel he’s not just watching you while watching sports on TV is the moment you can be sure he’s proving how important you are. Someone who hears when you speak is also able to understand you when no words are involved. He will understand if you’re having a bad day without you having to explain anything.

You Feel Special

Whatever you say, whatever you do, he loves it. He thinks you’re brilliant, laughs at your jokes, and can even appreciate when you burn dinner because you forget the oven while talking with him. He makes you feel special. This doesn’t mean he showers you with gifts and remembers your birthday — it’s something deeper. When you find a man who sees the world through your eyes, understands your weaknesses, and forgives your little disasters, that’s a surefire sign he’ll make you feel special for the years to come. And you shouldn’t let him go!

He Is Not Controlling

One of the signs that he truly respects and believes in you is whether or not he acts controlling. In fact, if he’s not controlling and authoritative over you, he will certainly make you feel valuable and important. If jealousy is a normal emotion for someone who’s in love with you and doesn’t want to lose you, your boyfriend can’t be too jealous to ensure a balanced relationship. The day you find a man who’s a bit jealous without being controlling is the day you’ll suddenly feel that you are so special, but also free to be yourself. And that’s so precious!

He Makes You Grow

Knowing that he loves you for who you really are is already a big relationship goal, and if he’s the right guy for, he will certainly feel that way. But, Mr. Right? He’s the one you can trust and who gently pushes you to live your life to the fullest everyday. He’s the one who will not only support you but also positively spur you to improve yourself and get happier and stronger. When you find a man who grounds your relationship on reciprocal help and motivation, and who doesn’t need to feel he’s the leader when you’re together, don’t look further. He’s Mr. Right!

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