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Strange Addictions Almost No One Wants To Admit


Every single person on our planet has an addiction. Some of them are perceived to be normal because they’re common and a lot of people have them. On the other hand, there are many addictions that are so strange that we had to look on anonymous posting websites just to find them, some addictions will be utterly shocking, some will be downright hilarious and some will leave you clueless. Nevertheless, read on to find out about strange addictions you may never have heard of.

Urine Addiction

A lot of people don’t know the taste of urine and that is perfectly normal. However, there are some exceptions. An anonymous woman named Carrie loves to drink her own urine. During her life, she has consumed more than 900 gallons of her urine.

Car Addiction

Men like cars, it isn’t a secret and we all know that there are some men who really love their cars. The winner has to be Nathaniel. He says that he fell in love with his 1998 Monte Carlo. He named the car Chase and the “two” of them go out on dates and Nathaniel buys anniversary presents for his car. It looks like this ”relationship” can last a lifetime.

Blood Addiction

Blood addiction originated from vampire movies and TV shows. For Michelle this is a serious addiction. This lady has been drinking pig and human blood for the past 15 years. Though blood drinkers generally hide their identity, there seem to be quite a few online communities where these strange individuals convene.

Dirt Addiction

Originating from everything from health to hunger concerns, dirt addiction is real in Haiti. Eating dirt pies is one of the weirdest addictions on our planet and people usually don’t understand it.

Funeral Addiction

People usually don’t like going to funerals. It is a sad moment that most of us try to avoid when at all possible. But, some people, like Luis Squarisi, loves attending funerals. This 40 year old man has been to every funeral that has taken place in his hometown over the past 20 years.

Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

Cosmetic surgery can be life changing, we all know this. But for some people, it’s an addiction. The best example is Jocelyn Wildenstein, a millionaire who spent more than $4 million on cosmetic surgery over the years.

Toilet Paper Addiction

Toilet paper addiction really exists and it is treated as one of the most severe and long lasting addictions because it begins in early age. People who are addicted to toilet paper must smell it and taste it everyday. Thankfully, at least they prefer unused toilet paper.

Detergent Addiction

Excessive smelling or drinking of detergent is rather odd. However, for Tempestt, a 19 year old boy, drinking detergent is perfectly normal. While his friends enjoy drinking whiskey and beer, he drinks detergent.

Glass Addiction

Glass addiction is another weird and unique addiction. An unidentified man who goes by the name “Josh” likes having a glass of champagne, but champagne is irrelevant for him. Josh like eating glass so much that he ate more than 250 light bulbs and 100 glasses in his life.

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