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Why You Need To Learn When To Say No

‘No’ may seem like quite a simple word to say but it is a lot tougher to say to some people than ‘Yes’. As a human being, especially as a woman in this world of ours, you need to master the art of saying no. saying no means setting boundaries and boundaries might be physical, emotional, mental and psychological. Saying no can save you a lot of heartache and other troubles.

The sad truth is that, sometimes, even saying no is not enough to protect you as a woman, but it can save you in many instances. You might be scared of hurting people’s feelings but remember that you cannot live your entire life walking on eggshells; people will always seek to take advantage of you when they realize that you have a problem with saying no.

Saying no is a tough thing to master and you can start by the little things. Knowing that you owe a lot to yourself first will help you on this journey. Don’t want to go out on a date with someone? Say no, politely if you can. Don’t want to be touched by someone? Say no, so firmly that the person will reconsider before laying hands on you again.

Master the act of saying no. You do not exist to satisfy everyone.

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