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Why You Shouldn’t Be Comfortable With Mediocrity

The fact stands that you might not get everything you want in life, and yes, there will always be something lacking as neither people nor situations in life are ever perfect, but you need to move away from tolerating life instead of just living it. Living a mediocre life will only make you miserable.

Imagine earning a good amount of money in a job you don’t like, imagine studying a course you hate, imagine being stuck for life with a person you don’t love; of course you will have a job, of course you will have a degree and you will have a partner in life, but what is the point of having all these when they all end up making you miserable.

You need to learn how to stop being comfortable with mediocrity whether it is the wrong job, or the wrong life partner or the wrong degree. Life is usually shorter than we expect it to be, do you want to live all of it being miserable, living full of regrets and what-ifs, watching your life move in the opposite direction of who you are?

Remember, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone but yourself. And you deserve happiness. You deserve to make an attempt to live the life you want.

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