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Your Relationship Should Not Be Your Sole Source Of Happiness

I have often heard people say that they could not believe how insanely happy they were in their new relationship and how they would never be happy if their partner left because they were there all in all. This may sound romantic to you but it truly isn’t. Think about it; if you thought you could not happy without a guy and you easily replaced him when another better option came, it means that your happiness will always be short-lived.

No one should be your all in all (except God, of course). Do not depend on anyone else to make you happy; you should be your own source of happiness. Your guy should not be the sole reason why there will be a smile on your face. Your guy should add to your happiness but should not be the only reason for it.

The sooner we learn this, the better it will be for us. Whether single or married, happiness is a choice, one that only you can make. Please, find ways to make yourself happy every day. This will help you not to lose yourself completely in the event that the relationship does not work out.

When you make someone the source of your happiness, you are in a personal hell created by you. You should know who you are, your interests and hobbies, where you want to be in so-so years; all these should contribute to what makes you happy.

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